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“I live and thrive, despite several disabilities. After my fourth hip replacement, I was afraid I would never walk or paint again. I started this piece by pouring pure color on wet paper and watching the magic happen as two or three colors collide and become endless new ones. I painted the negative space AIDS ribbon red as a tribute to the many brave souls that have gone before me.”
Measurements: 33.25" x 25.25"

Gratefully, my mother gifted me with an inexpensive set of pressed watercolors at the age of 7 from the local 5 and dime and I’ve loved the medium ever since. My first paper was the inside of brown paper grocery bags. I hope my paintings show my gratitude for the beauty I see all around me. I wanted to also express my gratitude to my DAP family, who have guided me through medical, dental, behavioral health as well as provided a creative space for encouraging community and expression. 10% of the sales of my work will be donated back to DAP’s food bank.

So thankful and grateful.

Robert Coughlin
DAP Client

100% of the proceeds go directly to the artist. 

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