WORK WITH THE RAIN #2, Charlie Harding

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Measurements: 24" x 16"

Welcome to the world of Charlie Harding! Charlie is well known as a guest commentator and writer, a SAG-AFTRA actor and television host and of course a PAINTER.

Charlie began his art career, dabbling in painting and sketching back in high school. In his late 30's, Charlie was diagnosed as bipolar. He began painting again as a therapeutic release of his emotional roller coaster, channeling his raw emotions onto the canvas. He chooses to use odd combinations of paints, ranging from enamels and latex to oils and acrylics.  Charlie uses vodka, gin and water to affect drying times and cause layering effects of the different paints. For some of his paintings, he will even toss them out in the rain to add mother nature's hand to the artistic creation.

His works have been shown in multiple galleries, art shows and venues across the country. Charlie makes his home in Palm Springs, California.

Headshot courtesy of Ronnie Ventura Photography

This piece can be picked up at our Palm Springs location and is not eligible for shipping or delivery. However, there is the potential that it can be delivered directly from the artist. Email us at and we will be happy to put you in touch. 

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